Light and Color, Plus...





The central theme of my work is light and color. The illumination of light can enhance the clarity or beauty of an object. However, when distortions arise, the same object can be seen as an entirely different figure and evoke competing associations. If you close your eyes after staring at a bright and intense light, an afterimage is created. When you open your eyes, something else can be seen in just a flash. The bright becomes brighter and the dark becomes darker and your eyesight wavers. Objects of expression appear as common objects found in our daily lives. I seek to represent an object as caught in my eyes and suggest optical illusions or associated images.


For example, shedding light on a wall’s edge creates an image on adjacent faces of the wall. Though the created image is merely light, to me, it evokes likeness of the human body. Various associations can flash through our minds as if we were looking for images in the clouds or solving a hidden picture puzzle, but in reality, what we see are those things easily experienced or discovered around us. If colors are added, the process of association works all the stronger. When warm tones are added the plumpness of skin can be felt and when cool tones are added the image gains the feeling of piety. We are reminded first and foremost of the familiar, however whatever is elicited depends on the unique interpretation of the viewer.


Light is beautiful. The illuminating power of light is limitless. However, the shape of light comes in every variety. Light differs in brightness and appearance depending on whether it is natural or artificial, whether it comes from the sun or moon or a light bulb or candlelight. The shape of light even differs from day to night and the feeling it creates changes according to the four seasons. My work is to discover and express 'Found Images' through the medium of light.